Attorney General Anderson Chase is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. When Annalise Keating started her class action lawsuit, Chase attempted to get it thrown out in court but failed.


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Chase, after Annalise gets the photo discredited. ("Nobody Roots for Goliath")

Lawyer Annalise Keating put together a potential class action lawsuit against the public defender's office detailing that numerous individual of color and race wasn't given a proper defense due to ambiguous circumstances. At court to decide whether the case would be certified, the state attorney general, Chase, tried to fight it by bringing up Annalise’s sobriety issues, including a recent photo of her holding a bottle of alcohol (that he got someone to plant). She called it a set-up and a witch hunt and realized she was being put on trial. Connor suggested she take the stand, but Annalise wasn’t game. Instead, she went to D.A. Denver, arguing that they have a common enemy in the attorney general and should team up to take him down. Annalise later called a secretary in the D.A.’s office to the stand and she testified that she placed the liquor bottle on Annalise’s car and took the photo to make Annalise look bad even though that was all a lie. After a setback, Bonnie, subsequently went to Chase offering her assistance in beating Annalise. She told him to put her addiction psychiatrist on the stand. The next day, Isaac showed up at court after being subpoenaed by Chase. On the stand, he tried to get Isaac to say she wasn’t mentally competent to handle the lawsuit, as it could be a risk factor for her alcoholism. He lied, saying he wasn’t concerned about her sobriety which ultimately lead to the class-action suit being officially certified. ("Nobody Roots for Goliath")


  • Although not revealed in the episode, Chase’s first name was revealed to be Anderson in Netflix’s end credits.


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