"He was my brother. There's no way in hell I'm helping that woman get out of jail."
—Amber Crowley to Wes Gibbins and Laurel Castillo[src]

Amber Crowley is the sister of Rodney Crowley, the husband of Irene Crowley.


Early LifeEdit

In the 1970s, Amber's brother meats Irene. The two later marry but the marriage isn't a happy one as Rodney abuses her. Irene later murders Rodney for all that he has done to her and then goes to work, leaving the body to bleed out on the floor of the house. Amber then comes to the house and finds her brother on the floor and calls the police who then arrest Irene for his murder. Due to the way that the legal system was, the fact that she was abused wasn't taken into account so she was sentenced to life imprisonment. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder")

Season 3Edit

Around 32 years later, Irene attempts to get parole again, just like she has the past six times. Irene gets assigned to Annalise Keating's pro-bono clinic. Wes and Laurel try to convince her to help Irene in court to get her parole but she refuses. Eventually, she appears in the audience as she listens to Irene's stories about her marriage and the abuse she suffered from her husband. Annalise discovers that Rodney also abused Amber, and asks her to help Irene even if she does not want to say good things about her. Irene is later released from prison. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder")


Season 3
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