"Because I must now exclude any of the evaluations proffered by Dr. Roa, I have no expert to corroborate Ms. Castillo's claim that she's mentally fit to care for her child. Therefore, I have decided to extend the initial custody and have the child remain in the care of his maternal grandfather."
—Judge Alice Williams to the court[src]

Judge Alice Williams is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was the judge who decided that Christopher Castillo would reside with Jorge Castillo, his grandfather, not his mother, Laurel Castillo.


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Judge Williams presiding over a custody case. ("He's a Bad Father")

Judge Williams is assigned the case where Jorge Castillo is fighting for custody of his grandchild. Christopher Castillo on the grounds that his daughter, Laurel Castillo is unfit to be his mother. On the stand, Laurel's mother is brought in as a character witness to help the judge to see that Laurel is a caring person as she looked after her mother when she was mentally unwell. After, Laurel is called to the stand where Annalise Keating (Laurel's lawyer) asks Laurel whether she took drugs during her pregnancy to which she denies. However, the opposing attorney presents the court with evidence from tests run at St. Edith's Hospital which suggest that she took drugs which induced her labor. To fight this, Annalise presents the court with documents which show that the hospital has been found with 8 cases of alteration in drug abuse examinations during the last year. Jorge Castillo's lawyer argues that this does not discredit because of the state that Laurel was in after she woke up in the hospital. Annalise argues that it was because she woke up, tied in a bed, and discovering her father getting custody of her son. Mr. Dean argues against Laurel's own morality, and eventually, when Keating takes Dr. Isaac Roa to the stand, he takes advantage to discredit the credibility of it. Alice wants to give custody to the mother of the child, but because the evidence that shows she is unfit to take care of him is discarded, so she gives custody of Christopher to Jorge. ("He's a Bad Father")


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