"Michaela! It was a stupid thing that happened when I was a kid, a horny kid. I'm not some guy on the down low. You know that. I love you. I'm not gay."
—Aiden Walker to Michaela Pratt[src]

Aiden Walker is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was the fiance of Michaela Pratt. He and Connor Walsh went to the same boarding school as teenagers and had a relationship there, mainly sexual in nature. He appears in "Smile, or Go to Jail".


Season 1Edit

"What is wrong with you? [...] You just humiliated me in front of a colleague."
"Oh, God. I had too much champagne."
"That only explains it if this was the first crazy thing that you've done this trip. You slept the entire time at my parents' house. I had to convince my mother not to call a psychiatrist, which now I think we should have done."
"Okay. I'll be better. I promise."
"No, no. No, I can't do this anymore. [...] I think we should postpone the wedding.
—Aiden Walker and Michaela Pratt about Michaela's outburst.[src]

Michaela in bed with her fiance, Aiden. They talk about their future and their plans when she receives a message from the office that notifies her that Annalise has a new client. In the Keating House, Annalise surprises Aiden and Michaela. Michaela introduces Aiden to Asher, Wes, Laurel and just before presenting him to Connor they both recognize each other and give each other a hug. Connor and Aiden tell Michaela they were in the same boarding school, and Connor tells him that they seem to have more in common than they think, displeasing Michaela. At a college party, Connor reveals to Michaela that when they were young he and Aiden had something. Michaela freaks out and they both argue until Aiden decides to leave. In the courtroom, Connor continues to molest Michaela about Aiden. Michaela returns to her apartment and meets Aiden, they argue and she asks if he is gay. He says no and Michaela warns that if he cheats, she will do everything possible to destroy his working life. ("Smile, or Go to Jail")

At Aiden's parents' Christmas party, Michaela drinks too many glasses and ends up putting a scene between Aiden and Aiden's colleague because she thinks Aiden is cheating on her and fears it is with another man. Aiden, again, tries to explain that whatever went on with him and Connor was in the past. Realizing that he has had enough of Michalea's constant pestering whether he is gay or not, Aiden postpones the wedding. Realizing that she has gone too far, Michaela begs him not to but Aiden then breaks off the engagement. ("Best Christmas Ever")

Season 3Edit

"Um, Aiden, our ex, got engaged. Her name's Whitney. Uh, she went to Princeton, Phi Beta Kappa."
"Damn, she's got nothing on you, and you're way more accomplished."
"She's a speech writer for the Governor of Connecticut, so"
"With a house in Martha's Vineyard?"
"Mm-hmm. Looks like her parents have a place in Oak Bluffs, so.
Connor Walsh, Asher Millstone and Michaela Pratt about Aiden and Whitney[src]
Aiden with his new fiance. ("Always Bet Black")

After breaking it off with Michaela, Aiden then meets another girl named Whitney Edwards and proposes to her after a being with her for a while. Michaela somehow hears the news from somewhere and realizes that she has made a big mistake letting him go. ("Always Bet Black")


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